Daniel Santamarina

“There´s no better idea than the one that its put to work”
Passionate about the entrepreneurship movement and a faithful believer in Mexican leaders, Daniel always had the urge to start new businesses and develop relevant ideas within his home country, Mexico. Whilst studying the last semesters of Business Administration at Universidad Iberoamericana, at age 21, he created his own marketing and advertising company with great success in its market. A few years later, he ventured into developing a second company dedicated to marketing juices within the telemarketing, multilevel and retail industries.

Following that, Daniel decided to expand his professional career by joining Residencia, part of Archipielago Group as CFO and director of new business development. To date, the group has been led by a great entrepreneur and mentor, Jose Alfredo Islas, who has caused the group to position itself within the advertising, consumer goods, entertainment and services industries. Daniel was instrumental in the success of new business development as well as in the management of key companies within the group.

Daniel is one of the founders of DUX Capital, contributing his experience and insight into business development, leading our entrepreneurs

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Ignacio Allende 21, Ampliación Torre Blanca, Miguel Hidalgo, 11289, CDMX